Our simplified low cost service aims to keep the costs easy to understand and not eat into your savings.

The minimum single investment is £1000 or £50 per month.

Our charges are simple, you are only charged when you make an investment or contribution:

Initial Fees
1% of any sums invested
e.g. invest:
> £100 and it will cost £1
> £500 and it’s £5
> £1000 only £10
And that includes our advice!! So even if you invest £10,000 it will only cost you £100 to get professional financial advice and set up your account.

Ongoing Fees
0.5% p.a. for our services and an investment management charge including: selecting and monitoring the funds, regularly rebalancing to your risk profile and producing your annual review reports.
The total will vary between 0.91% p.a. and 1.01% p.a. So if you have £1,000 invested, it will cost between £9.10 and £10.10 a year or £0.76p – £0.84p per month. So what you would pay for a single regular skinny latte could buy you professional financial advice and investment management for 3 months!!

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