If you are looking to make a first investment, planning for the future or looking for a different type of investment, One + One offer a stocks and shares ISA allowing you access to invest into the stock market. There is no need to have any financial experience as we will advise you every step along the way. The markets are constantly being monitored and you will be able to track your investments whenever you like through the One + One system.

Investing in a stocks and shares ISA can also benefit from the tax savings and potentially see better returns than the high street bank cash ISAs can currently offer.

·        0.5% to 0.9% p.a. is a current, typical, UK high-street variable interest rate for an instant access cash ISA.*

·        6.21% is the average annual return for the Parmenion Balanced (Risk Grade 5) stocks and shares ISA.**

Cash ISAs and stocks and shares ISAs are different; cash ISAs are savings accounts, stocks & shares ISAs you are making investments.

If you are over 18, your contributions can be made via a lump sum and/or regular contributions so long as you don’t exceed your allowance.

The allowance for this tax year (2020/21) is £20,000 into either cash or stocks and shares ISAs, or a combination of both.

The ISA allowance is how money is invested into the ISA, not the total value of your investments. Therefore, if £20,000 is paid into your stocks and shares ISA and the value decreases in value, you are unable to top it up back up in the same tax year. If withdraw part of your whole amount in your ISA, you will only be able to reinvest into the ISA if you have any unused available ISA allowance.

Another benefit of ISAs is that no capital gains tax is payable on any increase in value of the investments. Any withdrawals of the money you have made from the investments are tax free.

It is always worth remembering, as with investments of this nature, your money is at risk; the value of your ISA can go up as well as go down. The amount of fluctuation will obviously depend on the markets, but also your chosen level of risk you are happy to take. Our portfolios diversify the risk by investing in a range of assets including property, equities, corporate and government bonds.


*source:, taken 26/08/2020

** source: taken 26/08/2020, past performance August 2015 – July 2019.

Discrete performance to: 2015 = 7.74%, 2016 = 6.2%, 2017 = 8.37%, 2018 = 5.64%, 2019 = 3.29%

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